lunedì, gennaio 19, 2009

At last we got "a man" in the white house...

i'm an italian citizen so you may say it not concern me but unfortunately, as its notorious now, the up and downs of U.S.A. are not a local matter.
So i want to push the consens even if may seem was useless..
I belive u want to create intruments to move this economy made of old and to easy forgetted rules...etical and economical rules....
If i had to choose a country to bet for this, well this country will be will be USA.
If i can i'll came to N.Y. to propose my art...
Mr Barak Hussein Obama ,
Mr President,
i give you my sincere congratulation and best wishes of been God inspired and peoples earth driven...
Mr.President now its the time to show that beside the M.Luther King pieces of spech or the "Kennedy wanna be game" there are ideas of a internal and foreign politics
We all were ashamed of mr bush..the armed puppett* 
(*4 an easy listening reference see Pink!'s lyrics from the song - dear mr president).

For the rest of us that don't live in a tv screen and got  clear in our minds what's a President has to be like since since the election lost by Al Gore [or stolen by  bush armed democracy(lobbies)] ...just one final tought...good work Mr Obama let your commercial campaign and your live dream be an ispiration for this times of despice surrender..

my adress is ...
sorry !!!Under the italian privacy regoulation act i can't tell my personal coordinates unless i'm on a piece of wreaked wood floating towards any international waters...(BUT PALESTINIANS:::'cause it's well documentated how Israelies army ---has to comply with military orders that if were given from any other nation , we will call it a terrorist act....)
---YES MR president please....i will love  your stamps but i most urgently need that peace, not any peace but a cultural peace rules so that all of us can enjoy the others friendship.e

Vincenzo Aglione

i apreciate a formal reply to donate to a fan of your , my father, that is a stamp collector  ,is a bit depress and few words he don't belive in dreams...
and reciving a card from your Governement i'm sure will make him a better more positive person

your Vincenzo

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VINCENZO! NO NEI CAMBIATO PER NIENTE! LOL! IL SASSOLINO NELLA SCARPA....well no so dove ti trovo a desso !o provato chiamarti pero e sempre occupato...BENEDICTE

Anonimo ha detto...