giovedì, gennaio 15, 2009


"Peccato che tutti coloro che sanno come risolvere questo conflitto siano impegnati a guidare un taxi.."

I will not waist another line...let's talk of human lifes. I'm not reprezented from israely state, neither form the HAMAS party. I don't really care about Cristh...or Mohammed..i know many of you do but i don't. At the same time i ask and give respect to all your belives.
in name of your belives israely people riot against the nazi politics that puts ashamed and shadow on the Shoa. let the wall you build work as doors to let the wind get to Gaza .
how u pretend that the people you lock in Gaza build a life if u don't let life get in the previous occupied territories?

in the name of your belives Palestinian people riot against Hamas
and ask them to build culture instead of Kassham missiles

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